Uniforms are furnished by the company A set of uniforms can cost up to $400, which is often deducted from your paycheck. Loyola Medicine Transport provides you with high quality uniforms at no charge.

Paid time off (PTO) Don’t wait a year to take time off. After 90 days of full time work, PTO accumulates at an average rate of four hours per pay period depending on the shift you work. That averages to 105 hours per year or just over two weeks per year. Once you earn the time, you may take the time off.

All brand new ambulances, cars and state-of-the-art equipment

National disaster response deployment opportunities EMS deployed people, ambulances and resources to Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita and Super Storm Sandy.

Enhance clinical skills Loyola Medicine Transport employees attain a higher level of clinical skills due to our patient volume and the acuity of their illnesses.

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Loyola Medicine Transport is now hiring Paramedics and EMT-basics in the Chicago/Maywood area. Flexible schedules, great benefits, and competitive pay.

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